Explore ways to build, remodel, retrofit, or maintain green homes.

Green homes need not be expensive, difficult to maintain, or hard to design. Learn how to make your home more efficient, more sustainable, and healthier to live in and learn how to save money in (and on) the process--and save money each and every day you live in your home through reduced energy bills.

According to the USGBC, green buildings result in healthier occupants, higher student achievement, faster recovery from illness or injury, increased productivity, and an overall improvement in feelings of general well-being.

Sustainably-built homes may be one of the few truly bright spots in our current real estate market.

National real estate studies show that homes built using healthy and sustainable practices sell for more, and sell more quickly than similar conventionally built residential properties.

"Energy efficiency and healthy building doesn't have to cost a fortune."

Building or creating a sustainably-built home need not be a bank-breaking proposition. While sustainable building practices are often slightly more expensive initially than conventional methods, many green building and energy efficiency measures cost little or nothing.

Many other methods, while marginally more expensive, have surprisingly short intervals to fully recoup these expenses in energy savings and increases in building value.

Whether you are just curious about the features of green homes, are a stranger to the local home center, a dedicated do-it-yourselfer, or even a seasoned building professional, discover and discuss ways to choose building methods and products that can save you money, improve the health of your home environment, and decrease the impact you have on our environment.

Led by a USGBC LEED-AP, Certified Energy Auditor and Building Analyst, we strive to offer non-biased, accurate, and sound advice based on established building science.


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Green Homes Blog
In the Green Homes Blog, find the latest news and information about energy efficiency, remodeling, maintaining, and living in your green home.
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Eco Friendly Appliances are a Great Investment
Household appliances account for 17% of the energy load in US homes. Eco friendly appliances will have a noticeable impact on your energy costs and carbon footprint
Energy Saving Lights In Your Home Can Save Real Money
Energy Saving Lights are an easy green home upgrade. Nearly 15% of residential electricity is used to power lights. We now have a bunch of choices to reduce energy waste: CFLs, T-8 tubes. LEDs
Green Remodeling - Create a healthier, more comfortable, and more valuable home
Green remodeling of your existing home can produce a beautiful, healthier, more efficient place to live. An existing home remodeled for efficiency is almost always the grenest housing option
Green HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
Efficient and Green HVAC options are numerous for the energy conscious homeowner. Save energy and money while keeping your home comfortable
Solar Power Basics – Should I Add Solar Power to My Home?
Solar Power Basics – Nothing says green home like an alternative energy system on the roof. Whether on not a solar energy system makes sense for you can be challenging question
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Winterizing A Home
Colder weather means it's time for a serious look at the efficiency of your home. Winterizing a home saves money
Window Insulation Film: An inexpensive energy saver
Window insulation film kits--a quick, cheap, and easy method to increase the winter season efficiency of your windows. It’s a bandage, not a fix, but worthwhile all the same
Air To Air Heat Exchanger (HRV) Maintenance
Air to air heat exchanger maintenance may not be on your ‘to-do’ list for the season, but it probably should be
Green Home Renovations: You may live in the greenest home you will ever own
Many of us have ideas of building a green dream home someday but green home renovations may lead to the most affordable and greenest home you'll ever live in
Is Bamboo Sustainable? A look at bamboo products and environmental concerns
Bamboo flooring has become the ubiquitous material for production high performance homes, but is bamboo sustainable?
Chicken Coop Construction: Building A Chicken Coop For A Cold Climate
Using salvaged materials and a free plan, we built this large cold-weather chicken coop. Chicken coop construction need not be too complex, but a little style is fun too
Using A Radon Detector: An Inexpensive Radon Meter Gives Peace of Mind
Radon is a real danger in many homes. Although professional testing should always be done to establish a baseline, a continuously monitoring radon detector can alert you of problems
Strawbale House Plans: Designs for easy construction, health, and sustainability
Strawbale house plans should include some fairly easy but vitally important elements to maximize the efficiency, longevity, and health of your strawbale home
Deck Restore Product Review
Don’t replace the wood on your cracked, warped, and faded deck. Give new life to a weathered deck using Deck Restore heavy duty acrylic resurfacer
Solar Air Conditioning: The quest for cooling from the sun
Solar air conditioning has been a holy grail for HVAC manufacturers for years. A new solar powered ac system shows promise and it is available now
Solar Vent Fan -- Cool Your Home With Free Energy
An attic fan can reduce attic heat buildup by 50 degrees or more. A solar vent fan is inexpensive, easy to install, and the costs nothing to operate, silently reducing your cooling costs every day
DIY Heat Recovery Ventilator Project
DIY heat recovery ventilator: An HRV is a vital component to healthy indoor air. Save by installing an HRV yourself
Energy Efficient Dryer: The quest for a greener laundry
Clothes dryers are a big consumer of energy. While a truly energy efficient dryer is a quest unsatisfied, there are things we can do to increase the efficiency of our laundry
Green Mobile Home Revisited: A second look at the Clayton i-house
Green Mobile Home Revisited: Back in the summer of 2010, I reviewed the Clayton i-house pretty negatively, much to the dismay of many fans. This is a second look at the product
Where to Insulate and How Much Insulation Is Enough?
Adding insulation to a home is usually a good investment but questions of where to insulate and how much insulation should be added to a home are often sources of confusion
The Skystream Wind Turbine, A Viable Residential Wind Generator For Homeowners
The Skystream Wind Turbine: A model of efficiency and simplicity, this small wind generator has good performance and a simplicity of design that few residential alternative energy products can touch
Clayton i House Review
A green home consultant gives a detailed review of the Clayton i House green mobile home
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